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americas_watch's Journal

Latin American News, Discussion and Critique
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It has become glaringly obvious that Elisa and Shannon are unable to update this community regularly due to our busy university schedules. Therefore, we've decided to open it up to everyone in the community to post news articles and interest and commentary. Elisa is travelling to Tulum, Mexico for seven weeks this summer to teach English, and Shannon will be leaving for Chile in mid-July for a semester abroad.


To our dear readers:

Some Latin American news resources, if you'd prefer to bypass our scintillating analysis and get closer to some direct sources . . .

In English:
BBC News -- The Americas: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/default.stm
Reuters AlertNet on the Americas: http://www.alertnet.org/thefacts/countryprofiles/americas.htm
Caracas News from the World News Network: http://www.caracasnews.com/

En Español:
Resistencia Global (Argentina's Indymedia): http://argentina.indymedia.org/features/resistencia/
Clarin (Argentina): http://www.clarin.com/
Pagina/12 (Argentina): http://www.pagina12.com.ar/diario/principal/index.html

(More to come . . .)