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Opening the Community to Everyone

So it's become clear after four and a half months of inactivity that Shannon and I are unable to really keep this journal going the way that we had wanted it to be originally, due to our busy schedules at university.

For that reason, I've decided to open posting access to all members, assuming there are still interested members who follow Latin American politics closely and would like to update.

Shannon will be leaving the States in mid-July for a semester abroad in Chile, while I will be leaving for Tulum, Mexico in mid-May to teach English for seven weeks. Unfortunately, I'll be leaving the country on July 1st, the day before the presidental election. Had I realized sooner, I would've stayed an extra two days, but alas.

Posting in either Spanish or English is welcome, especially if you'd like to practice discussing politics in whatever your second language is. Enjoy!
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